Growing Native Curriculum

The Growing Native Education Guide provides educators with practical, user-friendly lessons and stewardship activities that can be easily integrated into their existing curricula or programs. 

The lessons are correlated to the North American Association for Environmental Education Guidelines for Learning and state academic standards for state residing in the Potomac Basin. Additionally, lessons are presented in a clear and concise format with local background information. The guide also presents educators with additional resources specific to the Potomac River watershed so educators will have local information at their fingertips to enhance their programs.

This education guide stands apart from existing environmental education curricula because it is localized to the Potomac River watershed. This will nurture students' sense of place, allow them to be aware of pertinent issued to the health of the watershed, and aid students in becoming steward for their local environment. The Growing Native Education Guide is a valuable resource for teachers to engage their students in a meaningful watershed experience.

The guide is divided into four main sections: Each section includes lessons that are cross-discipline, interactive and in-depth targeting grades 4 through 8. Educators are encouraged to adapt the lessons to meet their age groups and subject matter.


Section 1: Our Potomac River Watershed

Section 2: Understanding Our Forests

Section 3: Improving Our Potomac's Water Quality

Section 4: Becoming Stewards of Our Environment

End Material

Creating the Growing Native Education Guide has been a collaborative process among Potomac Conservancy staff, formal and nonformal teachers, and state and local organizations within the Potomac Basin. For more information, please contact or call (301) 608-1188 x215.